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24-Hour Inhomogeneous Interplanetary Compressed Summary Data


Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 1973-04-16 to 1988-12-29


These experimenter-supplied, 24-hour-averaged "inhomogeneous" compressed interplanetary summary data are on binary magnetic tape created on a VAX 11/780 computer. Each 300-word record contains one complete summary, along with associated information. It consists of satellite number; mode of reduction; start and stop time of the summary (Cole time); year, and day of year; tape ID; data format and bit rate flags; round trip light time (ms); minimum, maximum, and average pulse temperature, high voltage regulator current, and detector C temperature; average number of pulse counts per reading; RMS deviation; number of readings; total pulse counts; total time (s); average number of counts/s and probable error; average electromagnetic reading and RMS deviation; maximum, minimum residue; average, maximum, and minimum current; number of readings; and trajectory data for earth traversal, cruise, or Jupiter encounter mode. "Inhomogeneous: implies that the records may contain data taken at several data rates. This data set replaced and extends data set 73-019A-05E.

Alternate Names

  • 25h Inhomog.Comprsd IP Sumry Data


  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 73-019A-05G

Additional Information



Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. John F. Cooper



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. R. Walker FilliusData ProviderUniversity of California, San
Mr. Robert M. CandeyGeneral ContactNASA Goddard Space Flight
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