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Airglow Data Maps as Color Transparencies


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1967-08-30 to 1968-01-10


This data set, supplied by the principal investigator, contains a selection of OGO 4 photometer data. These data are displayed on 8- by 10-in. color transparencies. Each transparency is a map giving values for the night airglow emission rate of the atomic oxygen line at 6300 A as a function of latitude between 40 deg S and 40 deg N and as a function of longitude. The month, day, year, and local time of these measurements, to within 20 min, are printed on each map. Most of the figures are centered on 2-day periods for which there were data from at least 10 orbits per day, with some additional measurements from the day preceding and following this period also included. This set contains data taken from August 30, 1967, to January 10, 1968, and within a local time interval of 18 h 38 min to 3 h 36 min. On these maps the contours of the airglow are indicated as the boundaries of the different colors. There are seven emission-rate ranges identified and one "no data" category. Expressed in rayleighs and displayed in different colors, the ranges are divided as follows: greater than 800, 800 to 400, 400 to 200, 200 to 100, 100 to 50, 50 to 25, and less than 25. The minimum geomagnetic field-strength equator at 300 km is plotted as a heavy blue line. The longitudes of the orbits from which data were used are indicated by the location of the orbit numbers on the top abscissa scale.

Alternate Names

  • Airglow Data Maps, Transparencies


  • Space Physics: Ionospheric Studies


  • 67-073A-12A

Additional Information



Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. Dieter K. Bilitza



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Mrs. Edith I. ReedData ProviderNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Mrs. Edith I. ReedGeneral ContactNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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