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4-Second Average Magnetic Vectors, in SC Coordinates, Definitive, in Binary


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Electronic Access

Time span: 1977-10-22 to 1987-09-26


This data set contains only the three magnetic field components in spacecraft coordinates, plus the total magnitude of the field, plus universal time. These definitive data, which are averaged over four seconds, supersede all previous data sets from this instrument. For orbit/attitude information or any other data parameters, other archived data sets must be used. The supporting information for this data set includes computer programs for a variety of purposes, including conversion from this data set's UCLA-IGPP "flat file" binary to ASCII format.

A companion definitive data set (SPMS-00410, old ID 77-102A-04Z) contains UT, 60-second averages of the four-second data in both spacecraft and GSM coordinates, standard deviations, attitude/orbit information, several coordinate system rotation matrices, and theoretical model magnetic field components (in GSM).

Alternate Names

  • 4-s Avg B, SC Coords, Definitive


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies


  • 77-102A-04Y

Additional Information



Questions and comments about this data collection can be directed to: Dr. H. Kent Hills



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Christopher T. RussellGeneral ContactUniversity of California, Los

Selected References

  • Russell, C. T., ISEE 1 and 2 fluxgate magnetometers, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Electron., GE-16, No. 3, 239-242, doi:10.1109/TGE.1978.294554, July 1978.
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