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Low-Energy (auroral) Particle Count Rates


Availability: Archived at NSSDC, accessible from elsewhere

Time span: 1967-07-30 to 1969-01-25


This data set, provided by the principal investigator, consists of particle count rates on binary magnetic tapes written on an IBM 360 computer. There are five possible logical record lengths corresponding to each of the formats used in sampling and telemetering the data, with the maximum logical record being 9002 bytes. The following information is contained on each tape: time, experiment mode (electrons, protons, or undetermined --less than 5% of the data were in an undetermined mode), experiment temperature, calibration voltages, background readouts, data rate (4 kbs, 16 kbs, 64 kbs, or 4 kbs recorded), data format (main frame data format or any of the four flexible formats used to sample and telemeter data), and count rates for all detectors. There are at least some data for 95% of the orbits over the time period indicated. Ninety percent of these data were obtained over the north auroral zone and polar caps. The remaining data were obtained at lower latitudes and over the south auroral zone. Of these data, 80% are in the electron mode and the remainder (excluding the small amount with mode undetermined) are in the proton mode.

Alternate Names

  • Auroral Particle Count Rates


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies


  • 67-073A-11A

Additional Information



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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Mr. Robert M. CandeyGeneral ContactNASA Goddard Space Flight
Dr. Frederick W. BerkoGeneral ContactNational Security Agency
Dr. Robert A. HoffmanGeneral ContactNASA Goddard Space Flight

Selected References

  • Hoffman, R. A., and D. S. Evans, OGO-4 auroral particles experiment and calibration, NASA-GSFC, X-611-67-632, Greenbelt, MD, Dec. 1967.
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