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Time Charts of Alouette 1 Operations (DRTE Data)


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1962-09-29 to 1966-12-16


This data set, prepared at the Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment, Ottawa, Canada, provides a graphical indication of the duration of Alouette 1 operations. The data set is on 7-track, 556-bpi, even-parity, BCD magnetic tapes written on an IBM 7094 computer. The axes of the graph are "day of the year" and "Greenwich mean time." The times during which the satellite was in operation are indicated by a solid line. For every month there is one graph for each telemetry station, followed by a summary graph showing the combined operation of all stations. A second set of graphs shows, in the same manner, the availability of data from the VLF experiment. This data set is also available on microfiche as data set 69-049A-00F.

Alternate Names

  • Time Charts


  • Ancillary: Ephemeris/Orbit/Attitude


  • 62-049A-00D

Additional Information


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Mrs. Elizabeth D. HewensGeneral ContactDepartment of Communications/Communications Research Centre
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