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Charts of Preliminary Trajectories


Availability: Data Accessible Elsewhere

Time span: 1969-08-27 to 


This data set consists of two sets of charts of preliminary trajectories provided by JPL. One set of charts is for the spacecraft Pioneer E (69-075X launched August 27, 1969, but failed to attain orbit), Pioneer F (Pioneer 10 -- 72-012A), and Pioneer G (to be launched in 1973). This set can be used to determine the position of the spacecraft with respect to the earth-sun line at various times into the missions. A user can also determine the estimated telemetry bit rate that will be used as a function of position of the spacecraft with respect to the sun, and as a function of the various communication antennas available to receive the data. The reverse side of the chart contains similar information for Mariner 71 (Mariner 9 -- 71-051A), Mariner J (Mariner Venus-Mercury to be launched in 1973), Helios (to be launched in 1974), and Pioneer 9 (68-100A) superimposed on the Pioneer E, F, and G trajectories. The second set of charts is similar to the first but contains Mariner 9, Pioneer 10, Pioneer G, Mariner J, and Helios A on one side, and Pioneer 10 and Pioneer G on the other side. Both sets of charts can be used to determine the direct line of sight viewing period.

Alternate Names

  • Preliminary Trajectory Charts


  • Ancillary: Ephemeris/Orbit/Attitude


  • PIONE -00D

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