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Indexes of Mariner 10 Photography on 16 mm Film


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1974-02-05 to 1974-09-21


This data set consists of eight listings of the same parameters, each ordered separately for the Mariner 10 Mercury-Venus photography on 16-mm microfilm and includes the calibration, Venus and Mercury (through second-encounter) photography. The eight parameter listings are: (1) FDS counting number; (2) spacecraft (S/C alt.); (3) latitude; (4) longitude; (5) view angle; (6) solar lighting angle; (7) roll and file number; and, (8) spacecraft event time, given as day of year, h, m, s, and ms. The parameter relationships to the photograph are given in a diagram at the beginning of each listing. The headings for each column in the tables are (1) the column by which sorted, e.g., (1) latitude, (2) longitude, (3) spacecraft altitude, (4) FDS count, (5) spacecraft event day and time, (6) camera designation, (7) exposure time, (8) filter code, (9) picture type (raw, vertical AGC, or high pass filter), (10) view angle, (11) light angle, and (12) roll and file number. If any of the eight parameters of sorting are known, the photograph can be retrieved on request, though the preferred parameter is roll and file number.


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  • 73-085A-01J

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