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1.2 s Resolution plots in GSE Coordinates on Microfilm


Availability: At NSSDC, Ready for Offline Distribution (or Staging if Digital)

Time span: 1973-11-03 to 1973-11-06


This data set consists of plots on microfilm of the field data in 1.2-s averages. They are plotted in the solar equatorial coordinate system (SEQ), and the spacecraft position was determined relative to that sun-fixed reference frame where X-sub seq lies along the intersection of the 0-deg seq meridian plane and the solar equatorial plane, with the 0 deg meridian defined as that meridian at the center of the solar disk for earth observers at 0000 UT 25 October 1973; Z-sub seq is parallel to the sun's rotation axis (positive northward); and Y-sub seq also lies in the solar equatorial plane. The plots contain the following information: top plot--ordinate is F, the field magnitude (in gammas), abscissa is date and time to the minute, GE coordinates; Z's on the line means folded scale in nT's, Y means two folds, and X means three folds, etc. Middle plot: ordinate Z theta which is the field vector latitude angle (in deg), the dashed line is the 0-deg line and numbers on the solid line are times (in min); the lower set of numbers is the GE X, Y, Z, r positions in earth radii. Bottom plot: ordinate is phi, the field azimuth angle (in deg); on the upper line, the A's indicate that the instrument is higher than the ground state range (0-16 nt); dashed line is the 0-deg line, and the numbers at the bottom are the seq AZ and lat positions of the spacecraft. The accompanying listing gives the spacecraft position data, date by day of year and time, field data in nT, SEQ coordinates, and root mean square (rms) values of the Cartesian magnetic components.


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