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Data Collection NameSpacecraft: Experiment
20-Sec Averaged Vector Magnetic Field Data on MicrofilmIMP-G: Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer
Electrostatic Plasma Parameter DataIMP-G: Electrostatic Analyzer
Plots of Plasma Parameters on MicrofilmIMP-G: Electrostatic Analyzer
Hourly Averaged Solar Proton Fluxes Published in 'Solar-Geophysical Data'IMP-G: Solar Proton Monitoring Experiment
Pulse Height Analyzer Event SummariesIMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Proton (R vs DE/DX)
2.73 Min Coincidence Mode and Proton, Electron, and Alpha Count RatesIMP-G: Low-Energy Proton and Alpha Detector
IMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Energy vs Energy Loss
40-Sec Averaged Electron and Proton Count Rates on MicroflimIMP-G: Ion Chamber
Count Rates on Encyclopedia FilesIMP-G: Solar Proton Monitoring Experiment
Count Rate Plots, per Solar Rotation, on MicrofilmIMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Proton (R vs DE/DX)
Telescope Accumulator ReadingsIMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Proton (R vs DE/DX)
Microfilm of Catalog of Solar Cosmic Ray Events (Van Hollebeke et al, X-661-74-27)IMP-F: Low-Energy Proton and Alpha Detector
IMP-F: Cosmic-Ray Energy vs Energy Loss
IMP-G: Low-Energy Proton and Alpha Detector
IMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Energy vs Energy Loss
NSSDC Standard Tapes of the Experiment Data Portion of 69-053A-01AIMP-G: Low-Energy Solid-State Telescope
Particle Count RatesIMP-G: Low-Energy Solid-State Telescope
2.5-Sec Multicoordinate Magnetic Field VectorsIMP-G: Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer
Edited Hourly-averaged Count RatesIMP-G: Solar Proton Monitoring Experiment
5-Min Averaged Count Rates (nonoverlap)IMP-G: Cosmic-Ray Proton (R vs DE/DX)
Ionization Chamber and Directional Geiger-Mueller Tube Count RatesIMP-G: Ion Chamber
Data Set 69-053A-01A in IBM 7094 FormatIMP-G: Low-Energy Solid-State Telescope
Large Magnetospheric Magnetic Field DatabaseExplorer 33: GSFC Magnetometer
IMP-F: Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer
Explorer 35: GSFC Magnetometer
HEOS 1: Electric and Magnetic Fields
IMP-G: Triaxial Fluxgate Magnetometer
IMP-I: Measurement of Magnetic Fields
HEOS 2: Fluxgate Magnetometer
IMP-H: Magnetic Fields Experiment
IMP-J: Magnetic Field Experiment
ISEE 1: Fluxgate Magnetometer, Tri-axial
ISEE 2: Fluxgate Magnetometer, Tri-axial
LEPEDEA Count Rates and FluxesIMP-G: Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)
GSFC Trajectory Plots, Solar Ecliptic ProjectionsIMP-G
NSSDC Standard Tapes of the Ephemeris Portion of 69-053A-01AIMP-G
U of Chicago Multicoordinate System Ephemeris DataIMP-G
Refined World MapsIMP-G
GSE and GSM Projection and Perspective Plots on MicrofilmIMP-G
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