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Cosmic Radio Noise

NSSDCA ID: 1962-049A-04

Mission Name: Alouette 1
Principal Investigators:Dr. H. G. James
Principal Investigators:Dr. Theodore R. Hartz


This experiment utilized the ionosonde receiver automatic gain control (AGC) voltage to measure the galactic and solar radio noise levels. The sweep-frequency receiver covered the range from 0.5 to 12 MHz in 18 s, but below 5 MHz the system response dropped off rapidly. The receiver had a noise figure of 15 dB, a bandwidth of 33 kHz, and a dynamic range of 50 dB. The antennas were two orthogonal dipoles, 45.7 and 22.8 m long, located orthogonal to the spacecraft spin axis. The experiment functioned satisfactorily, providing relatively good frequency resolution with relatively poor flux resolution.

Alternate Names

  • Alouette1/CosmicRadioNoise

Funding Agency

  • Communications Research Centre, Canada (Canada)


  • Solar Physics: Radio
  • Astronomy: Radio

Additional Information

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Theodore R. HartzPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Communications/Communications Research Centre
Dr. H. G. JamesPrincipal InvestigatorDepartment of Communications/Communications Research
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