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Proton and Electron Radiation

NSSDCA ID: 1963-013A-01

Mission Name: Telstar 2
Principal Investigator:Dr. Walter L. Brown


Three p-n junction, solid-state diodes separately measured protons (1) directionally in nine ranges from 2 to 30 MeV with an aperture of 25-deg half-angle, (2) omnidirectionally from 18 to 28 MeV, and (3) omnidirectionally greater than 50 MeV. A fourth p-n junction diode measured electrons with four threshold ranges (greater than 750, 900, 1200, and 1400 keV) with an aperture of 20-deg half-angle. Each directional proton energy channel was sampled once every 3 min, each of the two omnidirectional proton detectors was sampled once per min, and each of the electron energy channels was sampled once every 2 min. Accumulation times exceeded the spacecraft spin period. The experiment operated throughout the spacecraft life. NSSDC has all the useful data that now exist from this investigation.

Alternate Names

  • Telstar2/ProtonandElectronRadiation


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies

Additional Information

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Walter L. BrownPrincipal InvestigatorAT&T Bell Laboratories
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