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Charged Particle Detector

NSSDCA ID: 1966-017A-06

Mission Name: Cosmos 111


The experiment consisted of four charged particle traps with the objective of measuring the fluxes of positive thermal ions and low energy thermal electrons to study the Moon's ionosphere. The detectors were mounted outside the spacecraft around the cylinder. Two of the traps were plane four-electrode traps which measured fluxes of electrons of energy greater than 70 eV and positive ions of energy greater than a variable amount which varied as the voltage on the second grid of the trap varied from 0 to 50 V over a two minute period. The positive ion detector was a modulation type consisting of two identical traps with connected collectors. A rectangular voltage from -3 to +7 volts was fed to a modulator grid. The variable current was registered by a resonance amplifier. The effective detector area was 14 square cm. The fourth trap measured the aggregate induced current caused by electrons and positive ions.

Alternate Names

  • Cosmos111/ChargedParticleDetector

Funding Agency

  • Unknown (U.S.S.R)


  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. David R. Williams



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