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Laser Reflector

NSSDCA ID: 1967-011A-01

Mission Name: Diademe 1


The passive optical experiment was used to determine the spacecraft range and angle. The laser reflectors on the top and on the solar panels of the spacecraft were silicon trihedrals having three silver-plated, rear-reflecting faces. The input face was hexagonal, with each side measuring 1.8 cm. One second of arc permitted a pulse return to the ground within a very narrow beam (about 23 cm semi-aperture). Three French stations, NASA/Goddard, and SAO (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) tracked the spacecraft. Although meteorological conditions caused observational difficulties, results from laser tracking were excellent. Data obtained from this experiment are available through June 26, 1971.

Alternate Names

  • Diademe1/LaserReflector


  • Earth Science: Geophysics/Geodesy

Additional Information

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