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Energetic Particle Solid State Telescope

NSSDCA ID: 1967-040A-10

Mission Name: Vela 4A
Principal Investigator:Dr. Sidney Singer


Four semiconductor particle detectors, a photomultiplier tube, and a guard scintillator (for eliminating false pulses) in a telescopic arrangement with an angular view of 30 deg were used to study the directional intensity of protons betwee 0.5 and 100 MeV and alpha particles between 12 and 400 MeV. The experiment was active as of January 15, 1970.

Alternate Names

  • Solar Proton Telescope
  • Vela4A/EnergeticParticleSolidStateTelescope


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    NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
    Dr. Michael D. MontgomeryOther InvestigatorLos Alamos National Laboratory
    Dr. Sidney SingerPrincipal InvestigatorLos Alamos National
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