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Lunar Field Geology

NSSDCA ID: 1971-008C-01

Mission Name: Apollo 14 Lunar Module /ALSEP
Principal Investigator:Dr. Gordon A. Swann


The lunar surface field geology experiment was designed to gather data for use in interpreting geological history of the Fra Mauro landing site, including the nature of the origin of the debris layer or regolith and the land forms superimposed at later dates on the maria and highlands. The lunar bedrock and other types of materials found at this site were collected to yield an insight into the internal processes of the moon's formation. One large rock, several smaller fragments, and fine-grained material typical of the Fra Mauro site were collected during the first extra vehicular activity (EVA) to ensure the return of samples in the event that EVA 2 had to be cancelled. The selected samples were stowed in sample return container no. 1 and taken into the LM at the end of EVA 1. In addition to the samples gathered during the two EVA periods and returned to earth for analysis, subjective crew comments in real time and photographs (both stereo and regular color), and postflight crew debriefing were primary means of data gathering. Specific types of lunar surface samples collected during the field geology traverse included six core-tube soil samples, a lunar environment (from beneath the surface) soil sample, and a sample of exhaust contaminated soil from beneath the LM. The tools used were extension handle scoops, tongs, a core tube borer, and a hammer. A total of 36 kg of samples was returned in February 1971.

Alternate Names

  • Apollo14ALSEP/LunarFieldGeology
  • S059


  • Planetary Science: Geology and Geophysics

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. David R. Williams



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. William R. MuehlbergerOther InvestigatorUS Geological Survey
Dr. Gordon A. SwannPrincipal InvestigatorUS Geological Survey
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