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Soft X-Ray Sky Survey

NSSDCA ID: 1973-050A-05

Mission Name: Skylab CSM 2
Principal Investigator:Prof. William L. Kraushaar


This experiment surveyed cosmic X-ray sources visible in the 0.2- to 12-keV range. It used collimated proportional counters with a 20-deg field of view, and was able to determine source locations to within 20 arc-min. Spectral resolution was 50% at 0.5 keV and 10% at 10 keV. Because of daytime X-ray flourescence from the atmosphere, no observations below 0.7 keV were made during spacecraft day. This experiment was mounted on the launch vehicle, had a lifetime of only 4 to 5 hr, and observed only half the sky. Data were recorded and transmitted to the ground via the telemetry system.

Alternate Names

  • SkylabCSM2/SoftX-RaySkySurvey


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    NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
    Prof. William L. KraushaarPrincipal InvestigatorUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
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