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Atmospheric Thermal Sounder

NSSDCA ID: 1975-087A-04

Mission Name: Meteor 1-22
Principal Investigator:


The Meteor 1 atmospheric temperature sounder was an operational experiment designed to obtain vertical profiles of temperature and atmospheric humidity by indirect means under a variety of cloudcover conditions. The instrumentation consisted of a medium-resolution diffraction spectrometer that scanned continuously over a 20-sec observing cycle in the 10.5- to 15-micron band. The resolving power of the spectrometer in this spectral range was within 4 to 5 millimicrons. From an average satellite altitude of about 900 km, the instrument's field of view covered a 53- by 13-km area on the earth's surface with the long side oriented parallel to the satellite trajectory. The data were stored on board the spacecraft until a ground acquisition station came within communication range. The data were then relayed to the ground station, reduced, processed, and transmitted directly to the Soviet Hydrometeorological Center in Moscow, where they were analyzed. Temperature profiles were constructed from the spectral radiation data by means of mathematical inversion techniques for clear and overcast cloud cover conditions. The average error for these profiles was 2 to 4 deg k. Temperature profiles were also constructed for partly cloudy conditions and, while not as accurate as the clear and overcast results, proved promising. Atmospheric humidity profiles were statistically derived using measurements of the outgoing radiation in the 15-micrometer band.

Alternate Names

  • Meteor1-22/AtmosphericThermalSounder

Funding Agency

  • Soviet Hydrometeorological Service (U.S.S.R)


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Dynamics

Additional Information

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Principal InvestigatorSoviet Hydrometeorological Service
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