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Electron and Proton Fluxes in the Outer Magnetosphere (1.5-300 keV)

NSSDCA ID: 1977-102A-10

Mission Name: ISEE 1
Principal Investigator:Prof. Kinsey A. Anderson


This experiment was designed to determine, by using identical instrumentation (see 77-102B) on the mother/daughter spacecraft, the spatial extent, propagation velocity, and temporal behavior of a wide variety of particle phenomena. Electrons were measured at 2 and 6 keV and in two bands: 8 to 200 keV and 30 to 200 keV. Protons were measured at 2 and 6 keV and in three bands: 8 to 200 keV, 30 to 200 keV, and 200 to 380 keV. The 30 keV threshold could be commanded to 15 or 60 keV. Identical instrumentation on each spacecraft consisted of a pair of surface-barrier semiconductor-detector telescopes (one with a foil and one without a foil) and four fixed-voltage cylindrical electrostatic analyzers (two for electrons and two for protons). Channel multipliers were used as detectors with the fixed-voltage analyzers. The telescopes had a viewing cone with a 40-deg half-angle, oriented at about 20 deg to the spin axis.

Alternate Names

  • Energetic Electrons and Protons
  • ISEE1/ElectronandProtonFluxesintheOuterMagnetosphere_1_5-300keV_

Facts in Brief

Mass: 5.1 kg
Power (avg): 3.2 W

Funding Agency

  • NASA-Office of Space Science (United States)


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. H. Kent Hills



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Prof. Henri RemeOther InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des
Prof. George K. ParksOther InvestigatorUniversity of
Prof. Robert P. LinOther InvestigatorUniversity of California, Berkeley
Dr. Ching I. MengOther InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Ferdinand V. CoronitiOther InvestigatorUniversity of California, Los
Dr. Jean-Michel BosquedOther InvestigatorPaul Sabatier University
Dr. Rene PellatOther InvestigatorCenter for Theoretical Physics
Prof. Kinsey A. AndersonPrincipal InvestigatorUniversity of California,

Selected References

  • Anderson, K. A., et al., An experiment to study energetic particle fluxes in and beyond the earth's outer magnetosphere, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Electron., GE-16, No. 3, 213-216, doi:10.1109/TGE.1978.294549, July 1978.
  • Parks, G. K., et al., ISEE 1 and 2 particle observations of outer plasma sheet boundary, J. Geophys. Res., 84, No. A11, 6471-6476, doi:10.1029/JA084iA11p06471, Nov. 1979.
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