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Plasma Waves Spectrum Analyzer 17 Hz - 100 kHz (E); 0.3 Hz-1 kHz (B)

NSSDCA ID: 1978-079A-07

Mission Name: ISEE 3
Principal Investigator:Mr. Eugene W. Greenstadt


This experiment was designed to provide data for plasma-wave studies undertaken to gain a better understanding of the wave-particle interaction and plasma instabilities, which lead to the equivalent collision phenomena that produce apparent fluid-like behavior in the solar wind near 1 AU. Two electric dipoles and a boom-mounted magnetic search coil were used to measure magnetic and electric field wave levels from 17 Hz to 1 kHz in 8 channels and electric field levels from 17 Hz to 100 kHz in 16 channels. In addition, a third spectrum analyzer with three bands between 0.316 and 8.8 Hz was included for measurement of the magnetic field. This unit used the search coil, but was located within the electronics unit of experiment 78-079A-02.

Alternate Names

  • ISEE3/PlasmaWavesSpectrumAnalyzer17Hz-100kHz_E_;0_3Hz-1kHz_B_
  • Plasma Waves
  • urn:nasa:pds:context:instrument:ice.plawav

Facts in Brief

Mass: 8.8 kg
Power (avg): 4.5 W

Funding Agency

  • NASA-Office of Space Science Applications (United States)


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. H. Kent Hills



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Robert W. FredricksOther InvestigatorTRW Systems Group
Dr. Edward J. SmithOther InvestigatorNASA Jet Propulsion
Prof. Donald A. GurnettOther InvestigatorUniversity of Iowa
Mr. Eugene W. GreenstadtPrincipal InvestigatorTRW Systems Group

Selected References

  • Scarf, F. L., et al., The ISEE-C plasma wave investigation, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Electron., GE-16, No. 3, 191-195, doi:10.1109/TGE.1978.294544, July 1978.
  • Scarf, F., ISEE-3 plasma wave observations in the earth's geomagnetic tail, in Workshop on Science Objectives of the Geotail Mission, Tokyo, Japan, March 13-14, 1985, 27-28, Institute Space Astronautical Sci., Tokyo, Japan, 1985.
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