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Triaxial Spherical Vector Electric Field Probes

NSSDCA ID: 1981-075A-10

Mission Name: IK Bulgaria 1300
Principal Investigator:Dr. Gheorghi A. Stanev


This investigation involved the measurement of (1) the quasistatic vector electric field, (2) the spacecraft potential from -10 to + 2 V, (3) the vector electric and magnetic fields in the frequency range 0.2 to 6.5 Hz, (4) the X or Z electric field component (determined by ground command) over the frequency range 0.03 to 16 kHz with a dynamic range of 80 dB, and (5) the Y component of the magnetic field, over the same frequency and dynamic range as in (4). The double probe method was used for electric fields; four spherical probes covered with vitreous carbon were placed at the ends of 4.5-m booms to serve as the sensors. A triaxial fluxgate magnetometer with a frequency-dependent feedback loop was employed as the sensor for the frequency range of 0.2 to 6.5 Hz while a search-coil magnetometer was used for the high frequency range. The sensitivity of the DC electric field measurements was 0.6 mV/m while it was 0.01 mV/m for the 0.2 to 6.5 Hz range. In this range the magnetic field sensitivity was 3.E-2 nT. There were eight bandpass filters centered at (in Hz) 33, 70, 140, 560, 1200, 4900, 9300, and 15000 to measure wave amplitudes. In addition, two parallel correlators were used to determine autocorrelation functions in the range 0.1 to 5 kHz. For further details on this instrument see G. Stanev et al., Adv. Space Res., v. 2, n. 7, pp. 43-48, 1983.

Alternate Names

  • IKBulgaria1300/TriaxialSphericalVectorElectricFieldProbes
  • Total Vector Electric Field Three Axis Probe with Spherical Sensors

Funding Agency

  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Bulgaria)


    Additional Information

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    NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
    Mr. D. TeodosievOther InvestigatorCentral Laboratory for Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of Science
    Dr. M. PetrunovaOther InvestigatorCentral Laboratory for Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of Science
    Dr. Vitaly M. ChmyrevOther InvestigatorIZMIRAN
    Dr. Gheorghi A. StanevPrincipal InvestigatorCentral Laboratory for Space Research, Bulgarian Academy of
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