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Microwave Scanning Radiometer (MSR)

NSSDCA ID: 1987-018A-03

Mission Name: MOS 1
Principal Investigator:


The Microwave Scanning Radiometer (MSR) provided parameter measurement on sea ice, snowfall, and the water vapor content at the ocean surface and in the atmosphere. The system consisted of an offset Cassegrain-type of antenna, a sky horn, two Dicke-type receivers, and detectors operating at 24 GHz and 31 GHz. The antenna scanned mechanically, following a conical path with a period of 3.2 s. It oscillated 10 deg to either side of nadir with beam widths of less than 1.99 deg for the 24-GHz band and less than 1.45 deg for the 31-GHz band. The corresponding ground resolutions were approximately 32 km and 23 km, respectively; and the swath width was 317 km along track. Data from MSR, plus range and range rate signals, were transmitted at 2000 MHz directly to the Earth Observation Center in Japan and to other overseas earth observation stations for processing.

Alternate Names

  • MOS1/MSR
  • MSR


  • Earth Science: Physical Oceanography

Additional Information

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Principal InvestigatorNational Space Development Agency of Japan
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