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SPACERAD Experiments

NSSDCA ID: 1990-065A-01

Mission Name: CRRES
Principal Investigator:Dr. E. Gary Mullen


A major segment of the CRRES payload was part of the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory's SPACERAD (Space Radiation Effects) Project. This project was a comprehensive space and ground test effort designed to measure and develop models for environmental radiation in the near-earth space environment and to use the resultant databases and models for in-flight and ground testing of microelectronic components in satellite systems. A full complement of radiation dosimeters, energetic particle detectors, space plasma instruments, and wave and field experiments measured the environmental radiation constituents and associated dosages while a microelectronics package measured radiation-induced single-event upsets (SEUs) and total-dose degradation in a wide assortment of advanced technology microelectronics devices. An associated engineering experiment tested performance of GaAs and advanced Si solar cells. Names of the constituent SPACERAD experiments are as follows: the SPACERAD Microelectronics Experiment (AFGL-701-1A), Internal Discharge Monitor (AFGL-701-1B), Space Radiation Dosimeter (AFGL-701-2), Metal Oxide Semiconductor Dosimeter (AFGL-701-3), High Energy Electron Fluxmeter (AFGL-701-4), Medium Electron Sensor (AFGL-701-5A), Electron-Proton-Angle Spectrometer (AFGL-701-5B), Low Energy Plasma Analyser (AFGL-701-6), Relativistic Proton Detector (AFGL-701-7A), Proton Switch (AFGL-701-7B), Proton Telescope (AFGL-701-8/9), Magnetospheric Ion Composition Sensor (AFGL-701-11A), Heavy Ion Telescope (AFGL-701-11B), Low Energy Magnetospheric Ion Composition Sensor (AFGL-701-11B), Fluxgate Magnetometer (AFGL-701-13-1), Plasma Wave Experiment (AFGL-701-13-2 and AFGL-701-15), and the Langmuir Probe Instrument (AFGL-701-14). These experiments were described in "CRRES/SPACERAD Experiment Descriptions," AFGL Tech. Rep. 85-0017, eds. M. S. Gussenhoven, E. G. Mullen, and R. C. Sagalyn, Air Force Geophysics Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts, 1985. Due to the large number of personnel from various institutions and the wide variety of SPACERAD instruments, the different constituent experiments of the SPACERAD project were assigned separate NSSDC identifications and described as if they were separate experiments with each leading scientific coinvestigator being identified for NSSDC purposes as the experiment PI.

Alternate Names

  • CRRES/SPACERADExperiments


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. John F. Cooper



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. E. Gary MullenPrincipal InvestigatorPhillips Laboratory (nee USAF Geophysics Lab, nee Cambridge Labs)
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