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Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (MIMI)

NSSDCA ID: 1997-061A-10

Mission Name: Cassini
Principal Investigator:Dr. Stamatios M. Krimigis


The Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (MIMI) on Cassini is designed to: (1) measure the composition, charge state and energy distribution of energetic ions and electrons; (2) detect fast neutral species; and, (3) conduct remote imaging of the Saturnian magnetosphere. To accomplish these goals, MIMI consists of two instruments: the Hot Plasma Detector (HPD) and the Energetic Neutral Analyzer (ENA).

The HPD will have two separate solid-state detector telescopes mounted on a stepping platform capable of rotating 180 degrees in discrete steps. A pulse height analyzer will be used to examine data from either of the telescopes. The resulting count rates and pulse heights from the detector systems will permit the analysis of energetic electrons and protons (at energies greater than 15 keV) and heavier ions (at energies greater than 1 MeV/nucleon) as a function of energy, angle, and species.

The ENA is to consist of two time-of-flight sensors in series to detect and analyze neutral particles at low densities with an energy threshold of 100 eV. Compositional analysis, within certain energy ranges, resolving H, He, and the CNO group will be performed.

Alternate Names

  • Cassini/MIMI
  • INCA
  • MIMI

Facts in Brief

Mass: 21.568 kg
Power (avg): 14 W
Bit rate (avg): 7 kbps

Funding Agency

  • NASA-Office of Space Science (United States)


  • Planetary Science: Fields and Particles
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. Edwin V. Bell, II



NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Berend WilkenCo-InvestigatorMax-Planck-Institut fur Aeronomie
Dr. Ke-Chiang HsiehCo-InvestigatorUniversity of
Dr. Erhard KirschCo-InvestigatorMax-Planck-Institut fur
Prof. Henri RemeCo-InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des
Dr. Donald J. WilliamsCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Louis J. LanzerottiCo-InvestigatorAT&T Bell
Dr. Thomas P. ArmstrongCo-InvestigatorUniversity of Kansas
Prof. George GloecklerCo-InvestigatorUniversity of
Dr. Richard W. McEntireCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Edward C. RoelofCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Edwin P. KeathCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Douglas C. HamiltonCo-InvestigatorUniversity of
Dr. Denis AlcaydeCo-InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des
Dr. Jean-Michel BosquedCo-InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des Rayonments
Dr. Wing-Huen H. IpCo-InvestigatorMax-Planck-Institut fur
Dr. Jean-Andre C. SauvaudCo-InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des
Dr. Donald G. MitchellCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Barry H. MaukCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics Laboratory
Dr. Andrew F. ChengCo-InvestigatorApplied Physics
Dr. Jannis S. DandourasCo-InvestigatorCNRS Centre d'Etudes Spatiale des
Dr. Stefano A. LiviCo-InvestigatorMax-Planck-Institut fur
Dr. Stamatios M. KrimigisPrincipal InvestigatorApplied Physics

Selected References

  • Krimigis, S. M., et al., Magnetosphere Imaging Instrument (MIMI) on the Cassini Mission to Saturn/Titan, Space Sci. Rev., 114, 233-329, doi:10.1007/s11214-004-1410-8, 2004.
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