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Scintillating Fiber Detector (SFD)

NSSDCA ID: 1997-075B-07

Mission Name: Equator-S
Principal Investigator:Dr. L. Adams


SFD is based on the light emission property of some materials when hit by ionizing radiation. Optical fibres guide the emitted light to a photodiode operated in current mode. A logarithmic amplifier converts this detector current to an analog output voltage. Energy discrimination is achieved by using three differently shielded channels. This way electrons above 0.26, 0.4, and 1.9 MeV are measured, and protons above 6.3, 9.5, and 35 MeV, with a time resolution of 64 seconds. A constant current is added periodically to calibrate the system.

Alternate Names

  • Equator-S/SFD
  • SFD

Facts in Brief

Mass: 0.4 kg
Power (avg): 0.2 W


  • Space Physics: Magnetospheric Studies
  • Space Physics: Heliospheric Studies

Additional Information

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. L. AdamsLead InvestigatorESA-European Space Research and Technology
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