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ROCSAT-1, Ocean Color Imager

NSSDCA ID: 1999-002A-01

Mission Name: ROCSAT-1


The Ocean Color Imager (OCI) is an all-refractive, pushboom, nadir- viewing, imaging instrument designed to investigate ocean surface pigment distribution by measuring visible and near-infrared radiances in sixth spectral bands (443 to 865 nm). The integrated camera has a field of view of 690 km across and a resolution of 800 m^2. The surface pigment content data will be used for ocean dynamics research, chlorophyll variation studies, and potential fishery applications.

The OCI homepage is at

Alternate Names

  • Ocean Color Imager (OCI)
  • ROCSAT-1/ROCSAT-1,OceanColorImager

Funding Agency

  • Unknown Taiwan


  • Earth Science: Ocean Productivity

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Dr. Dieter K. Bilitza



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Selected References

  • Su, S.-Y., The Taiwanese ROCSAT-1 satellite, STEP International, 4, No. 10, 1-2, Oct. 1994.
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