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Polarization and Directionality of Earth's Reflectances (POLDER)

NSSDCA ID: 2002-056A-05

Mission Name: Adeos 2


POLDER (POLarization and Directionality of Earth's Reflectances) measures the polarization, and spectral characteristics of the solar light reflected by aerosols, clouds, oceans and land surfaces. Eight narrow band wavelengths (443, 490, 564, 670, 763, 765, 865, and 910 nm) are covered by the instrument which enables identification of the physical and optical properties of the aerosols and their role in radiation budget.

Alternate Names

  • Adeos2/POLDER
  • POLarization and Directionality of Earth's Reflectances

Funding Agency

  • National Space Development Agency (NASDA) (Japan)


  • Earth Science: Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Earth Science: Radiation Budget

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this experiment can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office



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