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AS-202 Command Module Motion Picture Cameras


Mission Name: AS-202


The Command Module (CM) of the AS-202 mission carried four Milliken 16-mm motion picture cameras to record instruments, chute deployment and reentry. One camera was mounted on the flat plate in the egress hatch in the nose of the CM to record jettisoning of the apex cover, parachute deployment, and reentry. This camera had a film speed of 32 fps and operated during reentry, from 30,000 feet altitude until CM splashdown. Another camera was mounted on the pallet located in the right astronaut couch position aimed out the right window. This camera recorded liftoff and reentry. It operated at 10 fps from liftoff to 10 minutes after liftoff and from 72 minutes after liftoff until splashdown. The other two cameras were mounted on left and center inside the CM and recorded instruments and displays during the flight. These cameras recorded at 10 fps and operated from 45 minutes before to 10 minutes after launch and during other significant periods of the flight. The 16 mm film was recovered from the CM after splashdown.

Alternate Names

  • AS-202/AS-202CommandModuleMotionPictureCameras


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Additional Information

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