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There were 24 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Extreme Ultraviolet AstronomyASTP-ApolloBowyer, C.
Helium GlowASTP-ApolloBowyer, C.
Ultraviolet Atmospheric AbsorptionASTP-ApolloDonahue, Thomas
Sky-Earth X-Ray ObservationsASTP-ApolloFriedman, Herbert
Surface-Tension-induced Convection in Encapsulated Liquid Metals in Zero-GASTP-ApolloReed, Richard
Influence of Weightlessness on the Immiscibility of Monotectic Alloy SystemsASTP-ApolloAng, Choh-Yi
Role of Convection in Solidification Process in High Coercive Straight MagnetASTP-ApolloLarson, David
Determination of Zero-Gravity Effects on Electronic Materials ProecssingASTP-ApolloGatos, Harry
Crystal Growth from the Vapor Phase in Zero-Gravity EnvironmentASTP-ApolloWiedemeier, Heribert
Zero-Gravity Solidification of NACL-LIF EutecticASTP-ApolloYue, Alfred
ElectrophoresisASTP-ApolloHanning, K.
Spacecraft-to-Spacecraft Doppler TrackingASTP-ApolloWeiffenbach, George
Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Response to InfectionASTP-ApolloMartin, R.
Effects of Space Flight on the Cellular Response of ManASTP-ApolloCriswell, B.
BiostackASTP-ApolloBuecker, Horst
Light Flashes and Other Sensations from Cosmic ParticlesASTP-ApolloBudinger, Thomas
GeodynamicsASTP-ApolloVonbun, Friedrich
Crystal GrowthASTP-ApolloLind, M.
Stratospheric Aerosol MeasurementASTP-ApolloPepin, Theodore
Electrophoresis TechnologyASTP-ApolloAllen, Robert
Earth Observations and PhotographyASTP-ApolloEl-Baz, Farouk
Crystal ActivationASTP-ApolloTrombka, Jacob
Killifish Hatching-OrientationASTP-ApolloScheld, H.
Zone Forming FungiASTP-ApolloAkoev, I.
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