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There were 64 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Charged Particle DetectorExplorer 4Van Allen, James
Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)Injun 5Frank, Louis
VLF Receiver, 30 cps - 16 kcInjun 5Gurnett, Donald
Solid-State Particle DetectorInjun 5Van Allen, James
Spherical Retarding Potential AnalyzerInjun 5Sagalyn, Rita
Low-Energy Solid-State TelescopeIMP-GBrown, Walter
Ion ChamberIMP-GAnderson, Kinsey
Cosmic-Ray Proton (R vs DE/DX)IMP-GSimpson, John
Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)IMP-GVan Allen, James
Cosmic-Ray AnisotropyIMP-GMcCracken, Kenneth
Solar Proton Monitoring ExperimentIMP-GBostrom, Carl
Electrostatic AnalyzerIMP-GOgilvie, Keith
Low-Energy Proton and Alpha DetectorIMP-GMcDonald, Frank
Cosmic-Ray Energy vs Energy LossIMP-GMcDonald, Frank
Triaxial Fluxgate MagnetometerIMP-GNess, Norman
Channeltron Electron DetectorIMP-GLin, Robert
Low-Energy Proton and Electron Differential Energy Analyzer (LEPEDEA)IMP-GFrank, Louis
All-Sky X-Ray SurveyUhuruGiacconi, Riccardo
Measurement of Magnetic FieldsIMP-INess, Norman
Electrostatic FieldsIMP-IAggson, Thomas
Electrostatic Waves and Radio Noise -- IowaIMP-IGurnett, Donald
Measurement of Solar PlasmaIMP-IOgilvie, Keith
Low-Energy Protons and ElectronsIMP-IFrank, Louis
Medium-Energy Solar Protons and ElectronsIMP-IAnderson, Kinsey
Solar Proton Monitoring ExperimentIMP-IBostrom, Carl
Solar and Galactic Cosmic-Ray StudiesIMP-IMcDonald, Frank
Nuclear Composition of Cosmic and Solar Particle RadiationsIMP-ISimpson, John
Study of Cosmic Ray, Solar, and Magnetospheric ElectronsIMP-ICline, Thomas
Measurement of Solar PlasmaIMP-IBame, Samuel
Electrostatic Waves and Radio Noise -- MinnIMP-IKellogg, Paul
Interplanetary Long-Wavelength Radio Astronomy Experiment, Flux ResolutionIMP-IHaddock, Fred
Interplanetary Long Wavelength Radio Astronomy Experiment, Time ResolutionIMP-IErickson, William
Electrostatic Waves and Radio Noise -- GSFCIMP-IAggson, Thomas
Electrostatic Waves and Radio Noise (Project)IMP-IGurnett, Donald
Radio Astronomy (Project)IMP-IErickson, William
Solar Radiation DetectorsSOLRAD 10Kreplin, Robert
All-Sky X-Ray SurveySOLRAD 10Kreplin, Robert
Channel Electron Multipliers with Electrostatic AnalyzersS-Cubed AHoffman, Robert
Solid-State Proton-Alpha Particle TelescopeS-Cubed AFritz, Theodore
Solid-State DetectorsS-Cubed AWilliams, Donald
Fluxgate MagnetometersS-Cubed ACahill, Laurence
Search Coil MagnetometerS-Cubed ACahill, Laurence
DC Electric Field MeasurementS-Cubed AMaynard, Nelson
AC Electric Field MeasurementS-Cubed AGurnett, Donald
Meteoroid PenetrationMeteoroid Technology SatelliteHumes, Donald
Meteoroid Velocity SensorsMeteoroid Technology SatelliteAlvarez, Jose
Meteoroid Penetration SensorsMeteoroid Technology SatelliteAlvarez, Jose
Magnetic Fields ExperimentIMP-HNess, Norman
Solar Plasma Faraday CupIMP-HBridge, Herbert
Ions and Electrons in the Energy Range 0.1 to 2 MeVIMP-HGloeckler, George
Measurement of Low-Energy Protons and ElectronsIMP-HFrank, Louis
Energetic Electrons and ProtonsIMP-HWilliams, Donald
Electrons and Hydrogen and Helium IsotopesIMP-HStone, Edward
Solar Flare High-z/Low-e and Low-e IsotopeIMP-HSimpson, John
Charged Particle Measurements Experiment (CPME)IMP-HKrimigis, Stamatios
Solar and Cosmic-Ray ParticlesIMP-HMcDonald, Frank
Solar Plasma Electrostatic AnalyzerIMP-HGosling, John
Plasma WaveIMP-HScarf, Frederick
Solar Wind Ion CompositionIMP-HOgilvie, Keith
Study of Cosmic-Ray, Solar, and Magnetospheric ElectronsIMP-HCline, Thomas
Gamma-Ray TelescopeSAS-BFichtel, Carl
Step Frequency RadiometersRAE-BStone, Robert
Rapid-Burst ReceiversRAE-BStone, Robert
Impedance ProbeRAE-BStone, Robert
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