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Experiment Search Results

There were 36 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Thermal RadiationExplorer 7Suomi, Verner
Solar X-Ray (2-8A) and Lyman-Alpha (1030-1350A) RadiationExplorer 7Friedman, Herbert
Heavy Primary Cosmic RaysExplorer 7Pomerantz, Martin
Trapped Radiation and Solar ProtonsExplorer 7Van Allen, James
MicrometeoriteExplorer 7Lagow, Herman
Ground Based IonosphericExplorer 7Swenson, George
Electro-Static Analyzers (ESA)FASTCarlson, Charles
Time of Flight Energy Angle Mass Spectrograph (TEAMS)FASTCarlson, Charles, Peterson, William
Electric Field and Langmuir Probe ExperimentFASTCarlson, Charles
Tri-Axial Fluxgate and Search-coil MagnetometersFASTCarlson, Charles
Solar Wind Ion Mass Spectrometer (SWIMS)ACEGloeckler, George
Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS)ACEGloeckler, George
Ultra-Low Energy Isotope Spectrometer (ULEIS)ACEGold, Robert
Solar Energetic Particle Ionic Charge Analyzer (SEPICA)ACEMoebius, Eberhard
Solar Isotope Spectrometer (SIS)ACECummings, Alan
Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer (CRIS)ACECummings, Alan
Solar Wind Electron, Proton and Alpha Monitor (SWEPAM)ACEMcComas, David
Electron, Proton, and Alpha-particle Monitor (EPAM)ACEGold, Robert
Magnetometer (MAG)ACENess, Norman
ACE Real Time Solar Wind, NOAAACEZwickl, Ronald
SNOE UV SpectrometerSNOEBarth, Charles
SNOE Auroral Photometer, 12.5-18 ASNOEBarth, Charles
SNOE Solar X-ray Photometer, 0.2 - 3.5 ASNOEBarth, Charles
TRACE Imaging TelescopeTRACETitle, Alan
Submillimeter Wave TelescopeSWASMelnick, Gary
WIRE TelescopeWIREHacking, Perry
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopy from 100-1800 AFUSEMoos, H., Jakobsen, Peter, Dopita, Michael
Radio Plasma Imager (RPI)IMAGEReinisch, Bodo
Low-Energy Neutral Atom Imager (LENA)IMAGEMoore, Thomas
Medium-Energy Neutral Atom Imager (MENA)IMAGEPollock, Craig
High-Energy Neutral Atom Imager (HENA)IMAGEMitchell, Donald
Far Ultraviolet Imager (FUV)IMAGEMende, Steven
Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUV)IMAGESandel, Bill
French Gamma Telescope (FREGATE)HETE 2
Wide Field X-Ray Monitor (WXM)HETE 2
Soft X-ray Camera (SXC)HETE 2
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