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Experiment Search Results

There were 12 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Magnetic Field ExperimentIMP-JLepping, Ronald
Solar Plasma Faraday CupIMP-JLazarus, Alan
Solid-State DetectorsIMP-JIpavich, Fred
Measurement of Low-Energy Protons and ElectronsIMP-JFrank, Louis
Energetic Electrons and ProtonsIMP-JWilliams, Donald
Electrons and Hydrogen and Helium IsotopesIMP-JStone, Edward
Cosmic Ray Nuclear CompositionIMP-JLopate, Clifford
Charged Particle Measurements Experiment (CPME)IMP-JDecker, Robert
Solar and Cosmic-Ray ParticlesIMP-JMcGuire, Robert
Solar Plasma Electrostatic AnalyzerIMP-JGosling, John
Electrostatic FieldsIMP-JAggson, Thomas
Electrostatic Waves and Radio NoiseIMP-JGurnett, Donald
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