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Experiment Search Results

There were 12 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Swept-Frequency SounderISIS 2Whitteker, J., Muldrew, Donald
Fixed-Frequency SounderISIS 2Calvert, Wynne
VLF ReceiverISIS 2Barrington, Ronald
Energetic Particle DetectorsISIS 2McDiarmid, Ian
Soft-Particle SpectrometerISIS 2Heikkila, Walter
Ion Mass SpectrometerISIS 2Hoffman, John
Cylindrical Electrostatic ProbesISIS 2Brace, Larry
Retarding Potential AnalyzerISIS 2Maier, Eugene
Radio BeaconISIS 2Forsyth, Peter
Cosmic Radio NoiseISIS 2Hartz, Theodore, James, H.
3914- and 5577-A PhotometerISIS 2Anger, Clifford
6300-A PhotometerISIS 2Shepherd, Gordon
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