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There were 22 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Radio Science (RS)Mars ObserverTyler, G.
Gamma Ray Spectrometer (GRS)Mars ObserverBoynton, William
Magnetometer and Electron Reflectometer (MAG/ER)Mars ObserverAcuna, Mario
Mars Observer Laser Altimeter (MOLA)Mars ObserverSmith, David
Pressure Modulator Infrared Radiometer (PMIRR)Mars ObserverMcCleese, Daniel
Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES)Mars ObserverChristensen, Philip
Mars Observer Camera (MOC)Mars ObserverMalin, Michael
Mars Balloon Relay (MBR)Mars ObserverBlamont, Jacques
Mars Surface Weathering (IDS)Mars ObserverArvidson, Raymond
Mars Geosciences (IDS)Mars ObserverCarr, Michael
Surface Processes and GeomorphologyMars ObserverSoderblom, Lawrence
Mars Surface-Atmospheric Science (IDS)Mars ObserverJakosky, Bruce
Mars Polar Atmospheic Science (IDS)Mars ObserverIngersoll, Andrew
Mars Atmosphere and Climatology (IDS)Mars ObserverPollack, James
Structural geology of Mars (IDS)Mars ObserverGolombek, Matthew
Petrologic map of bedrock for Mars Observer (IDS)Mars ObserverMcSween, Harry
Topography and composition of the polar layered deposits on Mars (IDS)Mars ObserverHerkenhoff, Ken
Mars Observer participating scientist program (IDS)Mars ObserverMurray, Bruce
Constraints on martian chemical weathering from Mars Observer Data (IDS)Mars ObserverFegley, M.
Mars Observer surface-atmosphere interaction IDS Support (IDS)Mars ObserverZent, Aaron
The role of atmospheric transport in the current seasonal water cycle on Mars(IDS)Mars ObserverHaberle, Robert
Meteorological analysis and short-term forecasting with Mars Observer data (IDS)Mars ObserverHouben, Howard
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