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There were 7 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Venus Monitoring Camera (VMC)Venus ExpressMarkiewicz, Wojciech
Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer (VIRTIS)Venus ExpressDrossart, Pierre, Piccioni, Giuseppe
Spectroscopy for Investigation of Characteristics of the Atmosphere of Venus (SPICAV)Venus ExpressBertaux, Jean-Loup
Planetary Fourier Spectrometer (PFS)Venus ExpressFormisano, Vittorio
Venus Radio Science (VeRa)Venus ExpressHausler, Bernd
Analyzer of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms (ASPERA-4)Venus ExpressBarabash, Stas
Magnetometer (MAG)Venus ExpressZhang, Tielong
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