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The United States and the U.S.S.R. launched an Apollo spacecraft and a Soyuz spacecraft, respectively, as a joint effort called the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP). The Soyuz spacecraft was launched first, with a two-man crew who maneuvered their spacecraft into a docking orbit. The Apollo spacecraft was launched 7-1/2 h later, with a three-man crew who placed their spacecraft into a proper configuration for docking with the Soyuz spacecraft. The docking of the two spacecraft occurred on the third day. After docking, crew transfers took place, with the Apollo crew first visiting the Soyuz. The combined Apollo-Soyuz crews performed joint experiments and presented radio and TV reports. After joint experiments were completed, the spacecraft disengaged and each continued its separate mission.

Alternate Names

  • 08030
  • Apollo-Soyuz Test Proj.
  • Soyuz 19
  • Soyuz Apollo

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 1975-07-15
Launch Vehicle: Modified SS-6 (Sapwood) with 2nd Generation (Longer) Upper Stage
Launch Site: Tyuratam (Baikonur Cosmodrome), U.S.S.R
Mass: 6800 kg

Funding Agency

  • Soviet Academy of Sciences (U.S.S.R)


  • Life Science
  • Human Crew

Additional Information

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NameRoleOriginal AffiliationE-mail
Dr. Y. K. KhodarevProgram ScientistSoviet Academy of Sciences

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