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Cosmos 1423



Cosmos 1423 was an usuccessful launch of the modernised Molniya-1 communications satellite with the 'Beta' retransmitter. It was intended to be a communications station for the Rocket Forces, Air Force, and Navy were in place by 1975 (Ruchey Command and Control System). The satellite itself was to be part of the Korund system, which allowed strategic communications and telephony with military units in Siberia and the Far East. The complete system included 8 spacecraft on orbit, replenished as necessary. The system used Surgut secure radio lines and had a 20 year system life, with 70 launches total. The improved Korund-M system began flight trials in 1983 and was accepted into military service in 1987.

Alternate Names

  • 13685
  • Cosmos1423

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 1982-12-08
Launch Vehicle: Modified SS-6 (Sapwood) with 2nd Generation Upper Stage + Escape Stage
Launch Site: Tyuratam (Baikonur Cosmodrome), U.S.S.R
Mass: 6050 kg

Funding Agency

  • Unknown (U.S.S.R)


  • Communications

Additional Information

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