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STS 51-A was the second Discovery shuttle flight. On board were Frederick Hauck, David Walker, Joseph Allen, Anna Fisher, and Dale Gardner. Canadian communications satellite TELESAT-H (ANIK), attached to Payload Assist Module-D (PAM-D), was deployed into geosynchronous orbit on flight day two. On third day, defense communications satellite SYNCOM IV-I (also known as LEASAT-1) was deployed. Allen and Gardner, wearing jet-propelled manned maneuvering units, retrieved two malfunctioning satellites: PALAPA-B2 and WESTAR-VI, both deployed on Mission 41-B. Fisher operated the remote manipulator system, grappling the satellites and depositing them in the payload bay. Middeck payloads consisted of: Diffusive Mixing of Organic Solutions (DMOS), and Radiation Monitoring Equipment (RME). The mission duration was 191 hours 44 minutes 56 seconds.

Alternate Names

  • Space Transport Sys 51A
  • 15382
  • STS 14
  • STS51A

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 1984-11-08
Launch Vehicle: Shuttle
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, United States
Mass: 20523 kg

Funding Agency

  • NASA-Office of Space Flight (United States)


  • Human Crew

Additional Information

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