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The two MACSAT spacecraft were third generation DSI digital communications satellites designed to demonstrate tactical UHF voice, data, fax, and video store and forward capabilities for the US military. The gravity gradient boom on one spacecraft appears to have failed to deploy. The other spacecraft was used during Operation Desert Storm for message relay to and from military troops in the Gulf region. The satellites were launched together by a single Scout booster into 613 x 739 km, 90 deg inclination orbits. Manufactured by Defense Systems Inc for DARPA, each was 61 cm in diameter and 35.6 cm high, with two digitally tunable 10 watt transmitters, a 65 watt high power auxiliary receiver for spacecraft command and hardware configuration, and two antenna systems.

Alternate Names

  • Multiple Access Comm Sat
  • M-1
  • 20607

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 1990-05-09
Launch Vehicle: Scout
Launch Site: Edwards Air Force Base, United States
Mass: 68 kg
Nominal Power: 150 W

Funding Agency

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (United States)


  • Communications

Additional Information

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