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Galaxy 6



Galaxy 6 was a US telecommunications satellite launched by the same Ariane launch vehicle the launched SBS-6 (90-091A). The telecommunications satellite, owned and operated by Hughes Communications Inc (HCI), increased system capacity and served as an on-orbit spare for 5 other Galaxy/Westar satellites. It provided video and broadcast transmissions to occasional users, including local cable and TV stations. Built by Hughes Space and Communications Group, Galaxy 6 carried 24 C-band transponders, each able to accommodate one analog video signal or a combination of compressed video, voice and data signals. The satellite was one of the Hughes HS 376 series, a 2.1 m drum standing 6.6 m high with solar panels and antenna reflector deployed. It was positioned above 91 deg. w, covering the continental US. It began commercial operations on October 29, 1990 and has an expected 13-year serivce life.

Alternate Names

  • 20873
  • Galaxy6

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 1990-10-12
Launch Vehicle: Ariane 44L
Launch Site: Kourou, French Guiana
Mass: 708 kg

Funding Agency

  • Pan American Satellite (United States)


  • Communications

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office

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