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STS 97



STS 97 is an American shuttle spacecraft that was launched from Cape Canaveral at 03:06 UT. The main mission was to install a 72 m x 11.4 m, 65 kW double-wing solar panel on the UNITY module of the International Space Station (ISS). Including the support beams, radiators and batteries, the power generator has a mass of 15.75 tons. The previously docked Progress-M1 4 cargo spacecraft had to be temporarily evicted from the ISS before the installation. It required several spacewalks by the crew to extend the panel taut enough. The shuttle landed back in Cape Canaveral at 23:03 UT on 11 December.

Alternate Names

  • 26630
  • STS97

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 2000-12-01
Launch Vehicle: Shuttle
Launch Site: Cape Canaveral, United States


  • Engineering
  • Human Crew

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office

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