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Express AM3



Express-AM3 is a Russian geostationary communications satellite that was launched by a Proton-K rocket from Baikonur at 20:41 UT on 24 June 2005. The 2.5 tonne satellite carries 16 C-band, 12 Ku-band, and a single L-band transponders to provide video and radio transmissions to all of Russia after parking over 140 deg-E longitude. The EXPRESS-AM fleet is replacing the aging fleets of GORIZONT and EKRON-M.

Alternate Names

  • 28707
  • ExpressAM3

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 2005-06-24
Launch Vehicle: Proton-K
Launch Site: Tyuratam (Baikonur Cosmodrome), Kazakhstan
Mass: 580 kg
Nominal Power: 6000 W

Funding Agency

  • Russian Satellite Communications Company (Russia)


  • Communications

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office

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