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Fengyun 3B



Fengyun 3B, a Chinese weather satellite, was launched from Taiyuan at 18:37 UT on 04 November 2010. It was launched by a Long March 4C rocket and weighs 2.299 tonnes. Fengyun 3B is a three-axis stabilized earth observation and meteorological satellite. It carries 11 instruments capable of global, all-weather, multi-spectral, three-dimensional, quantitative Earth observations. The satellite has a three-axis pointing accuracy of less than 0.3° and a three-axis measurement accuracy of less than 0.05°. Fengyun 3B is the second of the Fengyun 3 experimental series. The Fengyun 3 series includes four satellites, the first two are experimental satellites and the last two are operational satellites. The Fengyun 3 satellite series is able to make 3D atmospheric detection, which substantially increases the abilities of the satellite in global data acquisition as well as land feature and cloud field observation. Fengyun 3B has a design life of two years and will operate in a nominal 836 km altitude orbit with an orbital inclination of 98.75°.

Alternate Names

    Facts in Brief

    Launch Date: 2010-11-04
    Launch Vehicle: Long March 4C
    Launch Site: Taiyuan, Peoples Republic of China

    Funding Agency

    • Unknown (Peoples Republic of China)


    • Earth Science

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