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Cygnus NG-10

NSSDCA ID: 2018-092A


The Cygnus supply ship — flying on the NG-10 cargo mission — is set to deliver 7,215 pounds (3,273 kilograms) of supplies and experiments to the space station, including a plastic recycler and 3D printer built to advance in-space manufacturing capabilities, and an experiment studying how the human body’s ability to perceive motion, orientation and distance changes in microgravity. The space station already has a 3D printer on-board provided by a company named Made in Space. But that device, intended as a proof-of-concept for 3D printing in space, needs fresh material from Earth to be fed into it.

The recycler and printer, called the Refabricator, is a tech demo aimed at analyzing how future space missions could manufacture tools and spare parts on-board, without requiring resupply from Earth. It was developed by Tethers Unlimited under contract to NASA.

Another science investigation aboard the Cygnus spacecraft will examine the processes at the origin of the solar system that led the formation of dust particles that eventually grew into larger objects, leading to the birth of the planets. The experiment, led by researchers at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, “zaps a specially formulated dust with an electrical current and then studies the shape and texture of pellets formed from these steps in the absence of gravity,” according to a NASA overview of the investigation.

Here’s a breakdown of the cargo manifest provided by NASA:

2,515.5 pounds (1,141 kilograms) of crew supplies 2,301.6 pounds (1,044 kilograms) of science investigations 2,076.8 pounds (942 kilograms) of vehicle hardware 253.5 pounds (115 kilograms) of computer resources 68.3 pounds (31 kilograms) of spacewalk equipment

The Cygnus supply ship is expected to remain berthed at the International Space Station’s Unity module until mid-February, when it will be released by the station’s robotic arm.

Alternate Names

  • 43704
  • CygnusNG10

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 2018-11-17
Launch Vehicle: Antares
Launch Site: Wallops Island, United States

Funding Agency

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (United States)


  • Resupply/Refurbishment/Repair

Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office

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