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XZF Capsule



The XZF-SC (Xinyidai Zairen Feichuan - Shiyan Chuan, "New Generation Crewed Spaceship - Test Ship") (actual name besides this generic designation not yet known) is a protoype for the next Generation crewed spacecraft developed by CAST, Beijing.

The XZF-SC is a prototype for a new crew capsule. It consists of a 3.3 m diameter 3.0 m long conical crew module and a 3.3 m diameter 5.8 m long service module.

The prototype was launched on the maiden CZ-5B rocket. Without a launch escape system, the prototype spacecraft is carried inside a large payload fairing. The launch vehicle puts the spacecraft into a low earth orbit (LEO), then the spacecraft uses its own propulsion system to reach an elliptic orbit with an apogee of about 8000 km to perform a high speed reentry. It returned successfully on 8 May 2020 to earth and landed in the desert near Jiquan.

Alternate Names

  • XZFCapsule
  • 45599
  • Xinyidai Zairen Feichuan - Shiyan Chuan

Facts in Brief

Launch Date: 2020-05-05
Launch Vehicle: Long March 5B
Launch Site: Wenchang, Peoples Republic of China
Mass: 21600 kg

Funding Agency

  • Chinese Research Institute of Space Technology (Peoples Republic of China)


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Additional Information

Questions and comments about this spacecraft can be directed to: Coordinated Request and User Support Office

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