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Data Collection NameSpacecraft: Experiment
Cosmic Radio Noise, AGC Level Plots on 35-mm Microfilm Merged with IonogramsISIS 1:Cosmic Radio Noise
Averaged Values on Electron Density and Temperature on MicroficheISIS 1:Cylindrical Electrostatic Probes
Ionosonde Receiver Signal Amplitude Versus Time PlotsISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS-1,CRC Electron Density Profiles at Scaled Points, ASCIIISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Fixed-Frequency Ionograms on MicrofilmISIS 1:Fixed-Frequency Sounder
NASA-ARC Electron Densities Interpolated to 100-Km Intervals packedISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Ion Temperature and DensityISIS 1:Spherical Electrostatic Analyzer
Ion Density on 35-mm FilmISIS 1:Spherical Electrostatic Analyzer
ISIS-1,CEP,Electron Density and Temperature, ASCII, onlineISIS 1:Cylindrical Electrostatic Probes
Index of Ionograms Showing Ducted EchoesISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Alouette 1:Sweep-Frequency Sounder
Alouette 2:Sweep-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 2:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Electron Density and Temperature Plots on MicroficheISIS 1:Cylindrical Electrostatic Probes
Ionogram InventoryISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Sweep-Frequency Ionograms on MicrofilmISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1, Swept-/Fixed-Frequency Ionograms, Full Resolution, OS2 binary, on DLTISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1, Swept-/Fixed-Frequency Averaged Ionograms in CDF format, onlineISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
Swept-/Fixed-Frequency Ionograms,average resolution, OS2 binary format, onlineISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1, Pulse Code Modulation Data in OS2 Binary for All InstrumentsISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1, Swept-/Fixed-Frequency Sounder Pass Headers, ASCII, OnlineISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1, TOPIST Scaled Ionogram Traces and Electron Density Profiles, ASCIIISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1 Initial Digitized TM Signal, SFS and VLFISIS 1:Swept-Frequency Sounder
ISIS 1:VLF Receiver
ISIS1 CEP Electron Density and Temperature, ASCIIISIS 1:Cylindrical Electrostatic Probes
Soft Particle Spectrograms of Electron and Proton Data on MicrofilmISIS 1:Soft-Particle Spectrometer
VLF Emission Intensity Data at 6 Narrow Band Frequencies From Kashima and SyowaISIS 1:VLF Receiver
VLF Spectrograms on 35-mm MicrofilmISIS 1:VLF Receiver
Reduced Count Rate DataISIS 1:Energetic Particle Detectors
GSFC Extended World Maps on MicrofilmISIS 1
Predicted World Maps on MicrofilmISIS 1
Alouette 1, 2, ISIS 1, 2 Orbit Elements and SoftwareISIS 1
Extended World MapsISIS 1
GSFC Orbit Elements at About 2 Week IntervalsISIS 1
Refined World MapsISIS 1
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