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Data Collection NameSpacecraft: Experiment
Catalog of Far-Ultraviolet Objective- Prism Spectrophotometry: Experiment S-019Skylab:Ultraviolet Stellar Astronomy
Master Positives (1.8X) of Flight Film of UV Spectra/Imagery of Star FieldsSkylab:Ultraviolet Stellar Astronomy
Reduced DataSkylab:Crew/Vehicle Disturbances
Coronograph Photography Second Generation PositivesSkylab:Coronograph Contamination Measurements
Skylab Earth Resources Data Catalog on MicroficheSkylab:Multispectral Photographic Facility
Photography of Comet KohoutekSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Digital Data on MicroficheSkylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
Selected Flare Data, Set 1Skylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph on 70-mm FilmSkylab:EUV Spectrograph
Spectroheliograph Solar Images on 70-mm FilmSkylab:UV Coronal Spectroheliograph
EUV Spectrograph Frame CatalogSkylab:EUV Spectrograph
Synoptic Maps of Solar Coronal BoundariesSkylab:UV Coronal Spectroheliograph
Frame Catalog on MicroficheSkylab:UV Coronal Spectroheliograph
HLO Super Raster Data on MicroficheSkylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
UV Scanning Polychromator Solar EUV DataSkylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
UV Scanning Polychromator Super Raster DataSkylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
Gray Level Data on MicroficheSkylab:UV Scanning Polychromator/Spectroheliometer
Frame CatalogSkylab:UV Coronal Spectroheliograph
Selected Flare Data, Set 1Skylab:UV Coronal Spectroheliograph
Skylab EUV Spectrograph Catalog of Frame Exposures on MicroficheSkylab:EUV Spectrograph
Fourht(Pos.) and Fifth(Neg.) Generation Copies of a Coronagraph PhotographsSkylab:White Light Coronagraph
H-Alpha Data on MicrofilmSkylab:Hydrogen Alpha Telescope Number 1
Selected Flare Data, Set 1Skylab:White Light Coronagraph
ATM H-Alpha Atlas in HardcopySkylab:Hydrogen Alpha Telescope Number 1
Skylab Image SamplerSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Sample Solar X-ray ImageSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Digitized Solar-X-ray Coronal ImagesSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Synoptic Summary of Data, One Frame Per Day, on 70mm FilmSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Selected Flare Data, Set 1Skylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Film Image Catalog (FIC) on 16-mm MicrofilmSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Selected S054 Images and Color Display Software for Use on IBM PC CompatiblesSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Reduced Contrast X-ray Photographs of the Sun (Third Generation Negatives on 70mm)Skylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Selected Flare Data, Set 1Skylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
X-ray Event Analyzer (XREA) Data Listings on MicrofilmSkylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
Bright Feature and Faint Feature Versions of Black-and White Flight FilmSkylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
Image Processing Software For Solar X-ray DataSkylab:X-Ray Spectrographic Telescope
Frame Catalogs of S056 X-ray Telescope Data, on MicroficheSkylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
Black & White Rendition of Color Film (73-027A-07B)-High and Low Contrast CopiesSkylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
XREA Plots on MicrofilmSkylab:Dual X-Ray Telescope
Black & White Auroral PhotographySkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Airglow PhotographsSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Color Auroral PhotographySkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Digitized Auroral DataSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Ozone PhotographsSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Digitized Ozone DataSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Digitized Airglow DataSkylab:UV Airglow Horizon Photography
Miscellaneous Supporting Documents for ATM Experiments on MicroficheSkylab
Graphical Catalog of ATM/Skylab Solar Coverage (Including Solar Activity)Skylab
Predicted World MapsSkylab
ATM Mission Operations LogSkylab
ATM Mission Operations Log on MicroficheSkylab
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