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Experiment Search Results

There were 12 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
3914- and 5577-A PhotometerISIS 2
Anger, Clifford
6300-A PhotometerISIS 2
Shepherd, Gordon
Cosmic Radio NoiseISIS 2
James, H.
Hartz, Theodore
Cylindrical Electrostatic ProbesISIS 2
Brace, Larry
Energetic Particle DetectorsISIS 2
McDiarmid, Ian
Fixed-Frequency SounderISIS 2
Calvert, Wynne
Ion Mass SpectrometerISIS 2
Hoffman, John
Radio BeaconISIS 2
Forsyth, Peter
Retarding Potential AnalyzerISIS 2
Maier, Eugene
Soft-Particle SpectrometerISIS 2
Heikkila, Walter
Swept-Frequency SounderISIS 2
Whitteker, J.
Muldrew, Donald
VLF ReceiverISIS 2
Barrington, Ronald
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