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There were 36 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Absolute Measurement of the Solar ConstantSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Crommelynck, D.
Active Cavity Radiometer Solar Irradiance MonitorSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Willson, Richard
Advanced Biostack ExperimentSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Buecker, Horst
An Imaging Spectrometric ObservatorySTS 9/Spacelab 1
Torr, Marsha
Atmospheric Emission Photometric ImagingSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Mende, Steven
Ballistocardiographic Research in WeightlessnessSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Scano, A.
Bearing Lubricant Wetting, Spreading and Operating Characteristics in Zero-GSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Whitaker, Ann
Pan, Coda
Gause, Raymond
Characterization of Persisting Circadian RhythmsSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Sulzman, Frank
Collection Blood Samples for Determining A.D.H., Aldosterone, and Other HormonesSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Kirsch, K.
DC and Low Frequency Vector MagnetometerSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Schmidt, R.
Effects of Prolonged Weightlessness on the Humoral Immune Response of HumansSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Voss, Edward
Effects of Rectilinear Acceleration, Optokinetic and Caloric Stimuli in SpaceSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Von Baumgarten, Rudolf
Electro-Physiological Tape RecorderSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Green, H.
Far UV Astronomy using the Faust TelescopeSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Bowyer, C.
Grille SpectrometerSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Ackerman, Marcel
Influence of Spaceflight on Erythrokinetics in ManSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Huntoon, Carolyn
Investigation on Atmospheric H and D through the Measurement of Lyman-AlphaSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Bertaux, Jean-Loup
Isotope StackSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Beaujean, Rudolf
Lymphocyte Proliferation in WeightlessnessSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Cogoli, Augusto
Mass Discrimination during WieghtlessnessSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Ross, Helen
Materials ScienceSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Huth, U.
Measurement of (Central) Venous Pressure by Puncturing an Arm VeinSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Kirsch, K.
Measurement of the Solar Spectrum from 170 to 3200 NanometersSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Thuillier, Gerard
Metric Camera ExperimentSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Reynolds, Michael
Konecny, Gottfried
Micro-Organisms and Biomolecules in the Space EnvironmentSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Horneck, Gerda
Microwave Remote Sensing ExperimentSTS 9/Spacelab 1
de Loor, G.
Dieterle, G.
Nutation of Helianthus AnnuusSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Brown, Allan
Phenomena Induced by Charged Particle BeamsSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Beghin, Christian
Radiation Environment MappingSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Benton, Eugene
Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators (SEPAC)STS 9/Spacelab 1
Obayashi, Tatsuzo
Spectroscopy in X-Ray AstronomySTS 9/Spacelab 1
Andresen, R.
Study of Low-Energy Electron Flux and its Reaction to Active ExperimentationSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Wilhelm, Klaus
Very Wide Field Galactic CameraSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Courtes, George
Vestibular StudiesSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Young, Laurence
Vestibulo-Spinal Reflex MechanismsSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Reschke, Millard
Waves in the OH Emissive LayerSTS 9/Spacelab 1
Herse, Michel
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