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There were 25 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Active neutron spectrometer and dosimeter (ADRON-EM)ExoMars Rover
Mitrofanov, Igor
AdronExoMars Rover
Mitrofanov, Igor
Anisotropic Magneto-Resistance sensor (AMR)ExoMars Rover
Michelena, Marina
CLose-UP Imager (CLUPI)ExoMars Rover
Josset, Jean-Luc
Dust particle size, impact, and atmospheric charging instrument suiteExoMars Rover
Zakharov, Alexander
Gas chromatography mass spectrometry for atmospheric analysis (MGAP)ExoMars Rover
Gerasimov, Mikhail
Habitability, Brine Irradiation and Temperature package (HABIT)ExoMars Rover
Martin-Torres, Javier
Infrared Spectrometer for ExoMars (ISEM)ExoMars Rover
Korablev, Oleg
IR Fourier spectrometer to study the atmosphere (FAST)ExoMars Rover
Korablev, Oleg
Lander Radioscience (LaRa)ExoMars Rover
Dehant, Veronique
Landing Site Cameras (TSPP)ExoMars Rover
Polyanskii , Ivan
Magnetometer (MAIGRET)ExoMars Rover
Skalsky, Alexandre
Mars Multispectral Imager for Subsurface Studies (Ma_MISS)ExoMars Rover
De Sanctis, Maria
Mars Organic Molecule Analyser (MOMA)ExoMars Rover
Goesmann, Fred
Meteorological package METEO M (METEO M)ExoMars Rover
Lipatov, Alexander
MicrOmegaExoMars Rover
Bibring, Jean-Pierre
Multi-channel Diode-Laser Spectrometer for atmospheric investigations (M-DLS)ExoMars Rover
Vinogradov, Imant
Panoramic Camera (PanCam)ExoMars Rover
Coates, Andrew
Pressure and Humidity sensors (METEO-P, METEO-H)ExoMars Rover
Harri, Ari-Matti
Radiation and Dust Monitors (RDM)ExoMars Rover
Rodriguez, Ignacio
Radio thermometer for soil temperatures (PAT-M)ExoMars Rover
Skulachev, D.
Raman Spectrometer (RLS)ExoMars Rover
Perez, Fernando
Seismometer (SEM)ExoMars Rover
Manukin, Anatoly
Water Ice and Subsurface Deposit Observation On Mars (WISDOM)ExoMars Rover
Ciarletti, Valerie
Wave Analyzer Module (WAM)ExoMars Rover
Santolik, Ondrej
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