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Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Back Pain in Astronauts (BPA)IML 1
Wing, Peter
Behavior of the Acellular Slime Mold Physarum Polycephalum (SLIME)IML 1
Block, Ingrid
Biostack (BSK)IML 1
Buecker, Horst
Cell Growth and Differentiation of Plants from Protoplasts (PROTO)IML 1
Rasmussen, Ole
Chondrogenesis in Micromass Cultures of Embryonic Mouse Limb Cells (CELLS)IML 1
Duke, P.
Critical Fluid Thermal Equilibration ExperimentIML 1
Wilkinson, R.
Crystal Growth of the Electrogenic Membrane Protein BacteriorhodospinIML 1
Wagner, Gottfried
Crystallization of Proteins and Viruses by Liquid-Liquid DiffusionIML 1
McPherson, Alexander
Density Distribution in a Near-Critical Simple FluidIML 1
Michels, Antonius
Development and Aging of Flies (FLY)IML 1
Marco, Roberto
Dosimetric Mapping Inside Biorack (DOSIMTR)IML 1
Reitz, Guenther
Dynamic Cell Culture System (CULTURE)IML 1
Cogoli, Augusto
Effect of Phototropic Stimulation on the Movements of Wheat Coleoptiles (FOTRAN)IML 1
Heathcote, David
Embryogenesis and Organogenesis of Carausius Morosus (MOROSUS)IML 1
Buecker, Horst
Energy Expenditure in Space Flight (EES)IML 1
Parsons, Howard
Establishment of the Dorso-Ventral Axis Amphibian Embryos (EGGS)IML 1
Ubbels, Geertje
Fluids Experiment System Optical Study of Grain FormationIML 1
McCay, Mary
Fluids Experiment System Study of Solution Crystal GrowthIML 1
Lal, Ravindra
Friend Leukemia Virus Transformed Cells In the Presence of DMSO (FRIEND)IML 1
Cogoli, Augusto
Genetic and Molecular Dosimetry of HZE Radiation (RADIAT)IML 1
Nelson, Gregory
Gravitropic Responses of Plants (GTHRES)IML 1
Brown, Allan
Growth and Sporulation in Bacillus Subtilis (SPORES)IML 1
Mennigmann, Horst-Dieter
Growth, Differentiation and Development of Arabidopsis Thaliana (SHOOTS)IML 1
Maher, Edmond
In Vitro Mineralization and Resorption of Fetal Mouse Long Bones (BONES)IML 1
Veldhuijzen, Jacobos-Paul
Measurement of Venous Compliance (MVC)IML 1
Thirsk, Robert
Mental Workload and Performance Experiment (MWPE)IML 1
Alexander, Harold
Mercury Iodide Nucleation and Crystal Growth in Vapor Phase (MICG)IML 1
Cadoret, Robert
Microgravitational Effects on Chromosome Behavior (YEAST)IML 1
Bruschi, Carlo
Microgravity Vestibular Investigations (MVI)IML 1
Reschke, Millard
Near-Critical Point Phenomena in FluidsIML 1
Beysens, Daniel
Organic Crystal Growth Experiment Facility (OCGP)IML 1
Kanbayashi, Akio
Phase Partitioning Experiment (PPE)IML 1
Brooks, Donald
Positional and Spontaneous Nystagmus (PSN)IML 1
McClure, Joseph
Proliferation and Performance of Hybridoma Cells (HYBRID)IML 1
Cogoli, Augusto
Protein Crystal Growth (PCG)IML 1
Bugg, Charles
Radiation Monitoring Container/Device (RMCD)IML 1
Nagaoka, S.
Single Crystal Growth of Beta- GalactosidaseIML 1
Littke, Walter
Space Adaptation Syndrome Experiments (SASE)IML 1
Watt, Douglas
Studies on Penetration of Antibiotic in Bacterial CellsIML 1
Tixador, Rene
Transmission of Gravistimulus in the Statocyte of the Lentil Root (ROOTS)IML 1
Perbal, Gerald
Vapor Crystal Growth Studies of Single Mercury Iodide Crystals (VCGS)IML 1
Van der Berg, Lodewijk
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